Flights are scheduled in the spring and the fall.
Our Spring 2015 flight is scheduled on Sunday, May 17 .

Also check flights through the national website
 (631) 702-2423.
 This is a SAMPLE ITINERARY based on a 9:30 am departure flight from MacArthur and an 8:30 pm return flight from Baltimore Washington International Airport: ACTUAL FLIGHT TIMES AND ITINERARIES WILL VARY.
Our group will muster at Long Island MacArthur Airport two hours before departure to check in, issue boarding passes name tags, and souvenir T-shirts, meet and greet, take pictures, and get through security. The flight is a quick hour to Baltimore Washington International Airport where a waiting motor coach takes us on the 50-minute drive to Washington DC and the WWII Memorial. We eat lunch on the bus and watch a great video about how the WWII Memorial came to be.
We spend about 2 hours at the WWII memorial, frequently among Honor Flight groups from other parts of the country. If you have family members in the DC area this is where you should tell them to meet you.
We may also visit the Iwo Jima Memorial and depending on weather, traffic, and timing we might visit Arlington National Cemetery, the Navy Memorial, the Air Force Memorial, or other area highpoints.
On our way back to the airport we stop for a buffet dinner and take time to relax and enjoy our group. The return flight is a quick hour, then we're home.
The only thing the veterans are responsible for is getting themselves to and home from the airport. Sometimes we can help with a ride so if there's a real problem , call Vee Bennett, 631 702-2423.
Airport Directions and Parking:
 For anyone driving a long distance, there are reasonable hotels near the airport.