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Flags of our Heroes

“Flags of Our Heroes” is an initiative of the Honor Flight Network, conceived by the late Dave Bauer, a Vietnam Veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart, and former Honor Flight Network Board Member. Too many of our Honored Veterans have passed away before they had the opportunity to visit the memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifice. Even though they will never see their memorial, we want to provide the families with the opportunity to know that their family member was shown the highest regard and respect at their memorial.

“Flags of Our Heroes”

Honor Flight Long Island invites family and friends to submit an electronic, high resolution photo of the veteran by themselves (preferred size: at least 1 MB in size), proof of military service (a copy of the obituary will be sufficient, if it mentions military service), and the application. Please blackout any personally identifying info like Social Security numbers.

Your Veteran's photo will be escorted on an Honor Flight Long Island mission to Washington, DC. An American flag and your Veteran’s photo will be placed in front of their memorial and a photo will be taken. After the mission returns, the Veteran’s family will then be presented with the photo of their veteran and the  American flag that was escorted to Washington, DC.


HFLI Board member Kim Singer coordinates the “Flags of Our Heroes” program for Honor Flight Long Island. This program is to honor deceased veterans who never had the opportunity to participate in an Honor Flight and we honor a limited number of Veterans on a mission. For more information, please contact Kim at and include Flags of Our Heroes in the subject line.

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