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Make a Donation to Support our Nation’s Heroes

Honor Flight Long Island operates on donations from local and regional organizations, businesses and individuals from across Long Island. The flights, deluxe tour bus service, lunch, dinner and tee shirts are FREE to our veterans.

Our Vision

Honor Flight Long Island provides this one-day trip to all WWII, Korean and Vietnam War veterans at NO cost. Sometime in the future, HFLI will include other conflict veterans, but that time has not yet come. However, we do make an exception for any terminally ill veteran. This veteran, no matter when he/she served, is given our highest priority.

What Your Donation Does:



Feeds one Veteran



Pays Tour Bus and Food



Pays for Flight, Food and Bus for one Veteran



Pays for a flight of 25 Veterans (one bus)



Pays for a flight of 50 Veterans and two buses

(We fill a 55 seat bus in DC.)


To donate over $10,000

or if you want to pay by check, use the
Donate By Mail
option listed below.

Please note:
Guardians pay their own way & expenses.

Your much appreciated donation to Honor Flight Long Island is tax deductible. All donations are used to cover the costs of sending our veterans to their memorial.

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)


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Donate By Mail

Honor Flight c/o Southampton Town
116 Hampton Road

Southampton NY 11968

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in Memory of 

Pay tribute in memory of a Veteran or a loved one.

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Honor Flight Long Island Inc.

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